Neosen Energy wireless charging solution and NeoSolar introduction by media MingPao News

June 11, 2017

An interview by MingPao media to Neosen Energy wireless power and NeoSolar solutions.

NeoSolar introduction by media PCMarket Hong Kong

May 14, 2017

NeoSolar interview by PC Market Hong Kong

NeoSolar introduction by media

May 10, 2017

NeoSolar introduction by Hong Kong web media -

NeoSolar introduction by media - AppleDaily HK

May 10, 2017

AppleDaily Hong Kong interview to NeoSolar.

NeoSolar showcasing at GlobalSources Startup Launchpad 2017

April 17, 2017

NeoSolar on stage! A detail introduction to NeoSolar, the portable solar renewable energy device at GlobalSources Startup Launchpad 2017.

NeoSolar at 45th Geneva Inventions 2017

March 30, 2017

NeoSolar in Switzerland! The first achievement in winning the 45th Geneva Inventions gold medal with distinction

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